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Copyediting in Dualpro
Perhaps, as an author, you feel you do not understand what copy editing is, or why you should need it. Copy editing, or line editing as it is sometimes called in publishing circles, is the painstaking job of going through a manuscript line by line to correct the spelling, grammar and punctuations.
DualPro brings an excellent team into scientific copy editing and science. The copy editors at DualPro, well-versed in various scientific disciplines, appreciate client's concerns and respect the content and its expression.
We have a very good network of editors, who handle academic and scientific literature – books and journals for subjects like Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Medical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.
Copyediting becomes mandatory in the present epublishing, which requires content-specific mark-ups as the advent of XML. Our editorial network gives the company an edge in this area.
Electronic Conversion Dualpro ePublishing
DualPro indexing service for back-of-the-book indexes for authors, publishers, book packagers and anyone involved in the writing and publishing of books.
Our book indexing service writes high quality indexes that are concise and thoughtfully structured to accurately reflect the content of your book, and provide readers with quick access to information.